Canine Solutions

Puppy Kindergarten


A fun-filled, off-lead course designed to enrich the special new relationship between puppy and owner through socialization and training. Puppies learn skills including sit, down, stand, and follow me. Owners receive tips on dealing with common puppy issues such as housebreaking and chewing. Puppies must be 9-16 weeks of age. Classes are held in a private setting once a week for three weeks. Age appropriate vaccinations are required.



In-Kennel Basic Obedience





A beginning obedience course customized to fit each dog's personality and needs. Dog is accommodated in-kennel at Canine Solutions for two weeks of one-on-one, on-leash professional instruction. During residency, dog learns basic commands including heel, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, and recall. Three follow-up lessons for the owner complete this fundamental course. Dogs must be 16 weeks or older with current vaccinations.


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In-Kennel Advanced Obedience


A completely off-leash obedience course designed to take basic training to the next level. Dog is accommodated in-kennel for two-weeks of advanced instruction. Dog learns obedience to all basic commands without the aid of a leash. Three follow-up lessons for the owner complete this fundamental course. Dogs must have completed Basic Obedience and be 12 months or older with current vaccinations. We also offer Problem Solving Sessions, behavioral consultations on issues not related to obedience training such as house breaking, chewing, digging, begging, play biting, jumping, and others.

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Private Lessons


Learns same commands as Basic Obedience. Lessons are once a week for 5 weeks. Owner comes with the dog. Owner does the training under trainer's instruction. This is an on leash course only. Each lesson is 30-minutes in length.


Drug Enforcement Training


Canine Solutions holds certifications in training Narcotic Detection dogs as well as Schutzhund. However, this training is not currently offered.