Canine Solutions


Canine Solutions is an Accredited member of the Pet Care Service Association, meeting the absolute highest standards in animal care facilities. In fact, we were the first facility in Tennessee in 2004 to have earned this recognition.


Luxury Suites

And for the most pampered of paws, our luxury suites are encouraged. Available for all breeds. The state-of-the-art suites provide up to 64 sq. ft. of space and include glass front enclosures to provide a full view of our guest, sound control, plush bedding, premium food, spring water, raised food and water dishes, flat screen TVs and a minimum of 3 outdoor breaks. During the summer our guests are comfortable with the air-conditioned climate and during the cold weather they will benefit from the radiant heated floors. The heated floors are particularly welcomed by dogs with arthritis, geriatric dogs, or just pampered dogs!


Feline Boarding

Our cattery can be viewed through a large window in our reception area where our feline guests can be observed in their individual condo, climbing our 7 foot cat tree, playing with specialty toys, or simply watching their favorite video. Provisions are made to insure each cat's individual privacy. Condos are available for multi-cat families. In order to maintain the highest level of health, we require current LEUKEMIA TESTING, RABIES, and FVRCP for cats.


cat boarding



This supervised one-on-one time is important in keeping active dogs healthy and happy. Our huge, secured grassy field is perfect for running, romping, and rolling. We are also equipped with a large indoor playroom for rainy days and inside dogs. For the dogs that like to play fetch or tug, we have plenty of toys-balls, rope knots, plush squeakies and more! You can even bring your pet's favorite toys from home.



playtime dogs


playtime dogs2


dog training


play time


Cuddle Time

Especially designed for cuddlers, seniors and inside pets, cuddle times give us the opportunity to shower your pampered pooch with the special care, tender love, and extra attention they need. They'll cozy up in our lap to watch a doggie movie and enjoy cuddling, massages, and human company. This is the perfect time for a biscuit or treat from home!



Nature Hikes

An adventurous walk through the meadows and wooded area surrounding the facility. Allowing your pet to interact with nature while enjoying an invigorating walk.


Gourmet Bedtime Treats

These are not your ordinary dog treats. This is our canine version of the "mint on the pillow" that you get at classy 5-Star hotels. Offered each night of your pet's vacation, our gourmet goodies include Peanut Butter Goobers, Carob and Yogurt-Dipped Shortbread Bones, Carob Truffles, seasonal Holiday Cookies, and more all-natural and completely nutritious, of course!




Treat Stuffed Kong

The Kong is a safe, critical thinking toy used as an outlet for boredom or separation anxiety. Filled with delicious treats and creamy peanut butter, it will exercise their minds and keep them occupied for up to an hour! Treat stuffed Kongs are offered daily.