Canine Solutions

Pet Salon

At Canine Solutions, we have two very well trained certified groomers, Carol Watkins and Emily Wooten. All grooms include a massaging bath, expressing of anal glands, haircut or trim and trimming of nails. Prices vary upon breed and/or size of pet. We will work with you to create the most appropriate and stylish look for your pet.


Gel Nails

A gel coating that goes over the nail. Gel nails are used to prevent the dog from scratching up hardwood floors, furniture among other things. The elderly use gel nails to prevent their dogs from scratching their delicate skin.


Nail Painting

Choose from over 10 great colors to liven up your pets paws


Blueberry Facial

Our blueberry and fresh vanilla facial is a special treatment to clean and refreshes your pets face. It has natural exfoliating activity. It helps to remove unsightly tearstains as well as stains around the mouth. This treatment leaves your pets face looking radiant and leaves behind a great blueberry scent.


Furminator Shedless Treatment (prices may vary)

Helps to reduce allergens within the home. Decreases shedding by about 80% with regular use. CSI recommends this treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.


Deep Coat Conditioning Treatment

A rich, luxurious cream fortified with kiwi, wheat protein, Vitamin E, papaya, oatmeal, yucca, aloe, mango, and calendula. Instantly deep conditions the coat and skin.


Hair Dying (prices may vary)

Used to create a special look for your pet, hair dying can be used to brighten your pet's coat or to give it an appearance of its own.



Stenciling is used to add patterns and color to your pet's coat. We have done stencils for ball teams along with stars, peace signs among other designs of your choice. Fees vary based on size and condition of coat. Call for estimated pricing,exact pricing will be provided upon arrival of your pet.