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Dog gets hair cut at Pet Spa Grooming Salon. Closeup of Dog. The dog is trimmed with sciss


We offer grooming services Monday - Friday.

All grooms include a massaging bath, expressing of anal glands, haircut or trim and trimming of nails. Prices vary upon breed and/or size of pet. We will work with you to create the most appropriate look for your pet. 


pet dying.jpg

Hair Dying

Used to create a special look for your pet, hair dying can be used to brighten your pet's coat or to give it an appearance of its own. Please schedule this when you book your grooming appointment as it takes our groomers longer to do. 

Dog with blue towel and a cream mask.jpg

Blueberry Facial

Our blueberry and fresh vanilla facial is a special treatment to clean and refreshes your pets face. It has natural exfoliating activity. It helps to remove unsightly tearstains as well as stains around the mouth. This treatment leaves your pets face looking radiant and leaves behind a great blueberry scent.


Shedless Treatment

The shed-less treatment is a multiple step process which starts in the bath tub with a good wash and deep conditioning treatment for the coat to help buildup your pet's natural healthy hair. We then use high-velocity blow-drying to blast out any loose or dead hair. Our groomers then take our deshedding tools to your pets coat. Nothing will elimate your pets shedding, but getting them on a 6-8 week schedule will help. 

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Soft Paws

A gel coating that goes over the nail. Soft Paws are used to prevent the dog from scratching up hardwood floors, furniture among other things. The elderly use gel nails to prevent their dogs from scratching their delicate skin. It also helps them get a better grip on slick floors. 

Cute Labrador Retriever with toothbrush indoors. Pet care.jpg

Teeth Brush

Just like us, our dogs need their teeth brushed. This can help prevent dental health problems and bad breath. 

Cute dog paws with yellow painted nails.jpg

Nail Painting

Choose between our various color of pet nail polish that will liven up your pets paws. 

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